Turtle Oaks Disc Golf Course



Turtle Oaks DGC is a PRIVATE COURSE and YOU MUST CONTACT O.J. for permission to play and to set up a general tee time. The P.O.A requires that I be on the premises when visitors play. That is why you are required to set up a tee time with me.  I try to be flexible and something can generally be worked out but you MUST CONTACT ME to set up a day and time to play.

You are visiting/playing COMPLETELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. You must sign a liability waiver before you play. Click on the waiver page above to view it  Feel free to print it and have it signed by all players before you arrive.

NO LITTERING, PLEASE,  pack in, pack out. That includes cigarette butts, please, and when it`s dry please be careful with your ashes.

If O.J. or any member of the P.O.A. ask you to leave the property, you will do so immediately or be subject to arrest for trespassing.

THE HOUSE IS OUT OF BOUNDS!!! Hitting the house, intentionally or not, may trigger the above mentioned rule.

This is not to be considered a complete list, ask O.J. or ask before you visit if you have any questions.


Wear sturdy footwear when you visit. Prepare and dress like you`re going for a short hike in the woods, you are.

In warm weather use an insect/TICK REPELLANT. Check yourself for ticks after playing, seriously.

Bring your best midrange game, and all the throws in your repetoire. If your best throw is a booming drive, that won`t help you much here.  Click on the "reviews" link on the home page to get an idea of what others think about Turtle Oaks.

All holes are par 3.

I look forward to your visit.